Monday, December 24, 2007

Who said we wouldn't change the world?

Once again, I've fallen off the "blogger wagon". There has been a lot of stuff to write about over the past month-but I think this one deserves mentioning this morning.

Last night I had dinner with one of my best friends -Mark O'driscoll. We ate at the all-mighty Monterrey's Mexican restaurant in North Augusta. ( You haven't lived until you've eaten at Monterrey in NA!) And, as always, it was a mini-city-reunion. I ran into at least 10 people from my old church...and it was great to catch up while the cheese dip started to congeal.

What was more awesome than anything, though, was the conversation that Mark and I had and the memories that we have shared. My buddy Mark is soon to be a commissioned Marine. He has spent the last 4 years studying at USC and participating in the ROTC program. He has excelled. Earning top honors and respect in things that I cannot pronounce and in acronyms that I can't remember (sorry buddy!)

As we talked I began to think of what an incredible impact Mark is going to have on this world. As a Christian, as a Marine, and as a Man in the world but not of it. The Lord has called him into military service; by answering the call he has already done the hard part. And he is actually at the safest place that he can be....right in the center of the Lord's Will.

Their are incredible things in store for Mark. It's funny to think that just, what, 3 years ago we set the Sweetwater Baptist Church parking lot on fire and were shooting flare guns at each other.

Mark is going to change the world. The courage that he has to stand up and fight is far beyond anything I can ever imagine. To think that while I slept through my 8 am class in college, he was up running, training to defend this nation. Soon, he will be fighting, willing to lay down his life to save mine. I am very thankful that he has answered the call. I am very thankful that he believes in this nation and remains steadfast in the values that America was founded upon. While many people speak about ways to fix the world as they sit in their ivory tower, my buddy Mark O'driscoll will be doing something about it. Thank God for Mark O'd.

I can't forget my other friends who have also chosen to serve.

Steven Cheek-an amazing man and Marine who has already served in 2 tours in the Middle East.

Matthew Cheek-another amazing Marine; I don't even know if I'm allowed to mention what he is doing.

Justin Sama-Army Ranger; served on 3 tours thus far.

Mike O'driscoll-soon to be Marine pilot who has recently answered the call

Remember these guys and never forget the sacrifice they are making for you.