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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Complement: something that completes or makes perfect.

I like this word. One of me and Kenzie's favorite restaurants (Harry and Jean's) uses it when they talk about their side items to entrees. When mash potatoes "complement" your chicken, it makes the dinner sound much more official!

We are doing a Bible study together by John Piper on complementarianism. It's called: What's the Difference? Manhood and Womanhood According to the Bible. It talks about the differences in men and in woman. What it means to be a man rather than a woman. It talks on the Biblical reasons and innate responsibility that God created us with as a Man and a Woman. I feel this study and these facts are so needed in today's society where there has become no distinction between manhood and womanhood.

Kenzie is my complement. There are distinct differences in what roles we are supposed to have in our marriage, but that makes it perfect.

I think of the Anchorman quote when Ron Burgundy says, "You be a woman, and I'll be a man..." when trying to seduce Veronica Corningstone. So many times in our society men act like women and women act like men.

Graduate School

One of my life goals has been to obtain a doctorate degree in something. I used to want to be a medical doctor but after 5 weeks of organic chemistry in undergrad, I knew that kind of doctorate wasn't for me. I have still always wanted to go back to school and got that chance in January. I enrolled in the Online MBA program at North Greenville University. So, here we go! Next June I will (hopefully) be the proud recipient of an Master's of Business Administration! One term is down, only five more to go.

Winter '11
Economics for Managers: A
Quantitative Methods: B

Spring '11
Research Methods -
Financial Management -