Monday, December 15, 2008

African Memories

I got a flat tire today at work. This was such a blessing! No, really, I drove from Augusta to Greenville last night and then on to Clemson for work this morning and the tire was not flat until I parked for work. Glory to the Lord!

But, a sweet sweet memory of Africa came after the flat. You see, one activity that African children participate in is "Roll the tire". Party because it's fun, and party because they don't have anything else to play with. They will take on old bike tire and a stick and hit/roll the tire and run along beside it.

After I got the flat today, I removed my tire and "ran along beside it" as I took it to the Wal-Mart tire and lube center!

As I rolled across the vast parking lot of Wally World, I also smelt the sweet smell of Africa today!