Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is your passion?

Passion=Life. To have no passions means to have no life, I believe. Passion is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Passion makes days worth living and nights worth sleeping. We should do crazy things for passion; we may even risk it all for passion. Have you ever done something and not known what the outcome was going to be? That's passionate.

Now, there are healthy and not-so-healthy passions. I heard a lady say just the other day, "I guess my hobby is shoes..." Essentially she was saying she was passionate about shoes. This lady obviously had some mixed up passions!

Make your Passions worth living for and talking about. I think some of the best Passions include: Christ and Relationships. Make those things strong and healthy. Live for them. Live for Christ and other people and see your world and your perspective Change!

Barack Obama and America...

So I know that I am a couple of weeks late, but wanted all of the dust to settle before I put my thoughts down on the most recent election and president-elect Senator Barack Obama.

First of all. The following is how I felt and thought after the election; if you like it you can take it and if not, that's okay too. Like my Mom always said...

"Opinions are like Butt-holes, everybody's got one, and crap comes out of 'em."

Now, to preface...I must admit...I did not vote for our President-Elect Obama. I'm a conservative Republican; more than anything I would say I voted based on the candidate and Party who chooses a Pro-Life stance. Therefore, as you already now know...I voted for Senator McCain. (and lost a $5-dollar foot-long from Subway on it!)

I, like many, were caught up in the political hoopla over the last few months. I had small debates with friends about who would be the better president, who wouldn't die in office, and who would lead America to a great future. What I failed to realize, however, until after the election, is how RACIST, America really is. And, had great confirmation at how crazy Americans really are.

Now, I have seen the movie Crash. (It is in my all-time top 25 list-See It!) And from this movie I garnered that everyone, no matter race, color, or creed has a little bit of racism in them. It could be suttle, it may not even be understood or comprehended, but I believe we all have it to an extent. (Seriously, it's not for the weak-hearted, but see Crash!) But the racism I saw on November the 5th runs deep and saddens me for the future of this supposedly "great country" that I live in.

For example, I worked all day on the 5th, and talked to many people about the previous night's election results. It was mainly regular lower to middle class white and black people and what I heard was appalling on both ends.

I heard a white man say, "I'm an American, but that man is not my President." He was stating this because of the color of Obama's skin.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Who do you think you are white man. Respect your Leader. This man is a human being just like you. This man has worked hard to make the best life for his family. And you know what makes America great sir!; if you don't like it, Leave. If you are so short-sighted that the color of a man's skin determines his worth, maybe it's you that does not belong in America: land of opportunity.

I also heard a black man say "we did it". Which makes me believe he voted for the President-Elect because of his skin color and maybe no other reason.

Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! Do you know his policies and what he stands for? Do you realize that a man's skin color does not determine his worth? Ask yourself what you could be doing for your country and not voting just to make a statement.

I also heard a woman say, as she laid her new pair of tennis shoes on the counter to purchase..."I can't wait to get that Barack-money, that Barack-money is going to spend."

Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Ma'am, if you are waiting on a hand out from hard-working people, what are you teaching your children? What are you doing to better your life? Why are you stealing from others. Had this lady said this at a grocery store while she was buying her children food, that is one thing; but while she was buying high priced tennis shoes that she didn't need, ridiculous.

Why is it, that in a country where we thought racism was all but over, some white people will not respect a multi-racial president.

Why is it, that in a country where we thought racism was all but over, some black people only voted for a man who was multi-racial and for no other reason.

**White People, please note: Obama is not a black man, he is multi-racial.
**Black People, please note: Obama is not a black man, he is multi-racial.

He is multi-racial, Dad being born in Kenya. Mom being born in America.

We seemed to have missed that fact throughout the election.
Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked to have a minority in office. I think it says a lot for America. I mean, I have half his nationality tattooed on my back!

You know the other group of people that are getting on my nerves right now as well: Christians!

Doesn't the Bible say that God is Sovereign? (Psalm 48:14)
Doesn't it say to respect the government? (1 Peter 2:13)
Doesn't it say to Pray for our Leaders? (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Now is the time when Christians need to rally around our Leader and PRAY for him, not damn him!

So, is there hope for America. I don't know. I have long said that this country is overrated. And if you ask 95% of the world, they would probably agree. Where have our values gone? This great nation is under attack by so many things; why can't we concentrate on helping and sustaining people; why can't we concentrate on asking what we can do to help President-Elect Obama; why can't we be on our knees interceding on his behalf to a Sovereign God? Why do we still discriminate and hate our brothers for no apparent reason. No one is better than another. We are all "dirty tampons" in the sight of all-mighty God. (That was a misused analogy I heard this Sunday at NewSpring!!)

This country has an opportunity to be great again, I hope and pray that President-Elect Obama is the leader to take us there!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend. Update. Justin

Wanted to fill everybody in on what is going on in the life of Justin here lately. Here are a few bullet points to let you know I'm alive and well!

Still loving New Spring Greenville. It is challenging me, stretching me, and growing me! You should try it too; services are at 9:15 and 11:15 on Sundays. Or check out the link for the online stuff.

Getting the finances under control for the first time, maybe ever, and so far, so good! Thanks to Joe Sangl for all the advice and tips-the Lord is really blessing!

Training for another Marathon! I will be running the Bi-Lo Marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC the weekend of February 14! I'm pumped, and it is great being back in the running game again.

Continuing to cycle and swim. Cycling is great, love the open road; swimming is coming along-it is one of the toughest things I have done!

Glad that the Hawks are back in action, as of today 2-0; do I smell an Eastern Conference Championship??

Greenville is better than ever; it always goes down smooth.

Hibbett is still under control, I can't lie, I enjoy work-I'm pretty sure that is a good thing.

Enjoying time with friends, old and new;

Chatting with an amazing young woman who is beautiful, intelligent, and challenging.
So, there's the little update!

Philippians 4:11