Thursday, July 31, 2008


Man I love my family. I don't know what I would do without them. Now, when I say family I'm talking about my extended family, not just the 'rents-though I love them too. I'm talking Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents...amazing. Thanks to a few divorces, I have a pretty big family. Growing up with 8 Grandparents ain't too bad! Essentially, I am my family. They have helped shape me into who I am today. My parents nurtured me, taught me, and loved me; and in turn, I want to be like them when I grow old-it's like a cycle. I can always count on my family too. Some a lot more than others, but the bond I have with them is undeniable and unbelievable.
There are still some family problems; there always is (you can pick your friends, not your family!) Namely, my biological Mom. Not having ever had a relationship with her is tough to deal with sometimes. Am I better for it, you bet. Patti Pitts my quote, unquote "step mom" is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

After being in Africa for a month last year, I saw firsthand how not having a family affects you and your life. There's not much direction, not much promise. It's tough. Seeing young children care for their YOUNGER siblings will sober anybody up.

I thank God for my family.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Spring Church

This weekend has been great; off from work, a couple of bike rides, a little cleaning and a little sleeping, eating, and church!

I started to attend New Spring in Greenville about 3 weeks ago and am loving it. The messages are powerful, relevant, and speak right to me every week. New Spring Greenville is a "satellite" campus from New Spring Church in Anderson; I'm used to the whole "watch your preacher on a screen" thing though after attending Catalyst Church in downtown Greenville-which has since shut down-with Andy Stanley.

Currently, Perry Noble-pastor, is doing a series entitled "You Asked For It". He is preaching 6 sermons on questions the congregation has asked him to preach on, including: What is sexual sin? Can I lose my salvation? What is God's will? Is it okay to drink alcohol? Are we living in the end times? and Is it okay to be a part of popular culture and still be a Christian? All relavent questions that need sound Biblical answers.

Some of his sermons have already stirred up a little controversy, but as far as my 8-years worth of Christian schooling tells me...his sermons are Biblically based and sound. Can't argue with the Word of the Lord. Usually, those who do are directly doing what they are trying to justify!!

A quote that he said at the beginning of this series 3 weeks ago was that Oprah has the biggest church in America because she is answering the questions that people are asking; why is the church not answering these same questions. Why isn't the church "giving the people what they want" per say...directions and answers to life. WE as Christians have the cheat sheet, the answer book, if you will. Our only job on earth is to share that; that's why we are here.

Today, the sermon told that God's Will was a lot easier to know and follow than we make it out to be. We have the infallible, inerrant Word of God at our fingertips. When I Listen to the Word of God, and I Walk in the Ways of God, I will Discover the Will of God. (stole that from the bulletin outline-but I thought it was awesome.)

I can't tell how many times I have prayed, "Lord, show me your will" or "Show, me just the next small step, so that I may follow you" all the while, not being faithful to Listen to the Word of God or Walk in the Ways of God. I have it backwards-as I usually do! Why should God reveal more to me when I haven't been faithful following Him in the first place.

Thank you Perry for allowing God to speak and use you as His messenger. And thanks for getting me pumped up about church for the first time in along time.

Next week's message-"Is drinking alcohol okay?" I can't wait!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here it goes, here it goes again....

Note, the OKGo reference in the title of this post.

Since I have started blogging again, there is a lot of stuff that I have thought about writing down and putting in cyberspace; but what do you choose? Something spiritual to encourage others? Something about yourself so that others who will read will go "whoa, he's cool!" ?? Or, just nonsense to make people laugh and pass the time? I'll probably do all three.


I just got done with week 3 of the management experience of Hibbett Sports. It's gone great so far. I love the store and the clientele. My staff is also great. They are definitely good people. Hey, as long as they show up on time and don't steal....I'm good with that! Haha. Naw, seriously...they've been great with the transition from their old manager to me and have treated me great. I hope that I am doing the same to them. So, three weeks in and ____ to go. I've already got my mind set, we'll see what the LORD has in store. More or less-I want to strive to do what HE wants.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I got a bike on Christmas morning...

You probably know that I love cycling. I have actually posted about it a couple of times before: here and here. I found cycling later and life; I was introduced to it by Miss Ashley Austin, to which I clowned her for liking such a crazy sport-But, quickly saw where she was coming from.

The peloton, team cars, world-wide media attention, all sucked me in. I actually began cycling myself. My first purchase was an old Specialized Allez off EBay. Not the best bike in the world by any means, but it would do. I loved that thing and literally rode it until it died-not that I rode and rode and rode it, but it was so old it finally just died.

I wanted a nice new or slightly used bike for the longest and have really been "dreaming" of one for years. Sad-I know, but I had my mind set on it and knew it had to happen eventually.

Seven months ago I even had the all Carbon Specialized Tarmac Elite on lay-a-way, but had to take it off when I moved back to Greenville.
So, I had to start over. Maybe it wasn't in the cards for me to eevveerr get a bike. But, finally...this past Tuesday, I made the purchase of my dreams. I bought the awesome Felt F-75 and couldn't be happier.

I am very thankful that the Lord provided a way for me to make this purchase. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning; I love it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's been 6 months, here's the year update...

Yes, the blog of Justin Pitts' still does exist! After a 6-month hiatus, I am going to try my hand at this again. I have no good excuse, there has been plenty of time to write and jot things down, but you know how it goes...Also, I think I wear my "emotions" on my sleeve a lot of times and have been thinking about keeping my personal life to myself, but I like to talk and tell to much. So, for those interested, here we go again.

The last 6-months have been a crazy crazy time in my life. It has actually been the craziest-for lack of a better term-year of my life. So many life-changing things have taken place it is hard to believe. I quit my dream job, I moved back to Greenville, I slept on a couch for 5 months, I went jobless for 3 months, I lost two grandparents, and separated from my girlfriend; and a lot in between those big events.

Life is hard to make sense of most of the time I think. In fact, I had a conversation today with a man named PJ who works at The Great Escape Bike Shop about this very thing. We started to touch on religion and I shared with him that I was glad there was more to life than just this earth. What if this was all there was. You attempt to achieve the "American Dream" and then you die-what a sad existence. Thank you Lord for showing us mercy and creating life eternal with you for those who choose it.

There has been a lot of positive things that have happened this year as well: I endured the couch and now have an apartment with a long-time friend, I made it through the job hunt and how have the cool opportunity to be the manager at Hibbett Sports in Central, SC; and there is some other cool stuff going on as well.

The last year was scripted different than I could ever imagine but everything happens for a reason. Sometime you know it, and other times you don't.