Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm bringing blogger back...them other blogs don't know how to act...

Here's the blog; it's back; I hope it lasts and I hope that you are able to see Jesus Christ through my life.

2years in review update.
Since my last entry, February 2008, my life has changed A LOT. The Lord has really blessed me. I've been able to cross a few things off of the "Life to Do List", here are some:
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Kenzie Pitts(Kyle) and I ran off and got married!!! (see list: marrying the girl of my dreams):

I changed jobs and now work in admissions at my alma mater and have also started my MBA at said university(see list: get(eventually) a doctorate):

I got another tattoo(see list: get at least 2 more tats):

I did the Beach 2 Battleship Iron-Distance Triathlon(see list: Kona Ironman):

I also surfed, bought a house(didn't build one!), won a race (in my age group), and started running instead of jogging.

It's been an eventful 2 years!